LED Lighting Solution and LED Fixture Certification

LED Lighting Solution

Votatec LED Lighting has all the certificate that Canada and USA need to apply The most important is UL and cUL Also we have certificated for saving the energy For low wattage all our products ha ES It means Energy saving

LED Lighting Solution
LED Lighting Fixture
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Certification of energy efficient lighting solution & LED Lighting Fixture

For high wattage we have DLC certificate In Canada , government pay rebate if you change the lights from old version to LED certificated of ES or DLC.

You can retrofit all your bulbs with ES or DLC and the government pay you rebate and the amount is near the cost of each bulb or fixture You can find ES and DLC certificate on our packing . If you search bour model number in the ES site or DLC site You will find that it would be certificated by sites.

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